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Lead Magnet

When it comes to creating the perfect lead magnet (or “opt-in bribe” if you prefer that name) you have to make sure you choose the correct one. There are a couple things to consider when you start brainstorming your ideas:


  • The topic of lead magnet
  • The problem your lead magnet will solve
  • The type of lead magnet


I’ll cover all 3 of these areas in this report.


Choosing the right type of lead magnet


One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to choose a topic that is too broad. When you are just getting started this is a common mistake, and one that makes sense. Logically you think “The broader the topic, the more people my lead magnet will apply to, therefore MORE SUBSCRIBERS! Woohoo!”


Unfortunately, that’s the wrong approach. You want to make sure that your topic is laser targeted. The reason for this is simple. You want your email list laser targeted. If your email list is full of people interested in 8 different topics, your emails and offers are not going to apply to the majority of your subscribers every time. Here’s an example:


Which is more laser targeted?


A lead magnet on building an email list quickly and efficiently


How to make money online


Obviously everyone is looking to make money online, but there are tons of ways you can do that:

  •  Blogging
  • CPA
  • Email Marketing
  • Offline Marketing (technically offline but a lot of people use local Google places etc.)
  • WSOs
  • AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook Ads


Right there are 8 different ways that people earn money online. Some people stick primarily to ONE of those methods. So if you send an email out about how to make money with Facebook Ads, the first 7 sets of people doesn’t care about it….they UNSUBSCRIBE.


Keep your topic specific to the set of people you want to target and you’re already 1 step closer to increasing your daily subscribers.


Solve a problem that your target audience is having


Instead of coming up with an idea that you think people want to hear, actually address an issue that people are having.


What is it that your ideal customer wants or needs?  What is it that they’re searching for that you can help them solve?  To create compelling content you need to get the answers straight from your audience…


If you already have existing customers (a list, a blog, Facebook group) simply ask them. Setup a quick survey and send it to them. Not everyone will answer the questions in your survey but the ones that do are the most passionate and your biggest fans. Those are the people you are targeting!


If you’re just getting started and don’t already have access to people, go to where they are. What forums do they hang out in? What blogs are the most popular in your niche? Look at what the commenters are saying. Check Q/A sites such as Yahoo Answers & Quora. Do some searches for your niche. People need help and you can provide that. Check social media to see which posts/tweets have generated the most discussion.


Let’s say you’re in the jewelry niche and you want to create a lead magnet on how to choose the perfect diamond for an engagement ring. Most guys don’t know anything about jewelry then they are expected to spend loads of money on a ring. They need help.


I do a quick search in Google to find a forum that I can get some ideas from:

Diamond Research

The first result looks great. Let’s check it out and see what questions people might have.

Diamond Forum


Just look at all the people needing advice and help from someone. This forum is littered with valuable information that could be used to create a lead magnet.


Your lead magnet does not need to be long; it simply needs to solve a problem. It can even be as simple as a template.


Create the perfect headline for your lead magnet


The first and most important thing people will see about your opt-in is the headline. This step might not take very long but it’s one of the more important steps.


Just changing a few words in the headline can easily add or lose you subscribers every day.


When coming up with a headline you want to announce the problem that you are solving, invoke emotion, and try to highlight your audience’s pain. The problem is that you don’t have many words to it.


Once you come up with a good headline plug it in here and see what the analysis shows.




Ideally you want you EMV score to be 30%+. If you are happy with the headline and your EMV score, you’re good to go

You’re not done with your headline though. You should split test a couple different headlines to see which gives you the best results. As I stated early, even changing one word can make a big difference. You will need to test the words to see which works best with your particular audience.


Decide on your lead magnet format


There are a lot of different options that you can choose from when deciding the type of lead magnet. This will vary depending on your niche but some of the most popular ones are:


  • A video course that is accessed all at once
  • A video course that is delivered via auto responder over X amount of days
  • A list of essential tools
    • “List of your favorite tools”
    • “Best Fiverr Gigs for outsourcing”
  • Checklist or Cheat Sheet
  • How-to EBook PDF
  • 30 minute consultation with you (great for coaches or mentors)
  • Free sample
    • This is a great one if you have a physical product. Free razor blade as example.
  • Free trial
    • Perfect for software providers
  • Free access to membership site or private FB group
  • Offer swipe files or templates
    • A collection of your best email templates
    • Group of advertising graphics
  • An online tool that require registration
  • Access to a recorded webinar
  • Coupon
    • Perfect for retailers or local businesses. Give them a coupon to get them in the store!


As you can see there are a lot of options for every niche out there. The key is to address what fits your niche the best.


Create your lead magnet


Now it’s time to use all of your research and preparation to create your lead magnet.


How long should the lead magnet be? How do you know when you’ve created enough?


The length does not matter! As I covered above, your magnet can be as simple as a checklist. The key is to make sure it has value for your audience.


Your topic might require 6 thirty minute videos or it might only require a 2 page special report. Just make sure your subscribers are glad that they gave you their email address in exchange for your offer.


The best way to frame the quality of your offer is to make it something that you could charge money for, and then give it away for free. Yes, you could make money from the offer, but your email list will be much more valuable!



Give your lead magnet some flare


Regardless of your offer, you need to make it look appealing. Maybe you need a splash screen at the beginning of your video or simply a design for you PDF. Make sure you add your brand and logo if possible.


Some people might already have someone they use for design work, but some of us are not so fortunate. You can either make it yourself or outsource.


Making it yourself is not tough, just head over to Canva and you will be surprised what you can make. They have some great templates, icons, and designs ready for you. They have some great tutorials that are easy to do and show you how use their platform:




The best part? It’s completely free, unless you buy some of their premium icons, which are not necessary at all.


Don’t want to bother creating it yourself? Simply outsource it on Fiverr. You can find an endless supply of designers on Fiverr and depending on what you need, it shouldn’t cost more than $10.


Bonus Section


You can use your lead magnet as the beginning of your sales funnel. This works best with a really high value offer as a lead magnet.


A great way to do this is to offer something at the end of the lead magnet that either very closely accompanies your lead magnet offer, or is critical/helpful in applying it. You could address a major problem that the lead magnet doesn’t with a low priced offer ($7). Embed this low priced product to the end of the lead magnet.


This will get the email subscriber into your sales funnel as a buyer (higher value prospect) and will then lead them to higher priced product. The prospect continues through the sales funnel, learning and upgrading as they go.


How you set up your sales funnel is up to you, but using your lead magnet can be a great way to get prospects into it.


Complete Your Lead Magnet


You should now have your lead magnet ready to offer as an opt-in. Go back through, check for spelling and grammar errors. Add any finishing touches and start getting more subscribers!